Junior Squash Academy


Cross Courts Junior Squash Academy is a vibrant program with almost 150 active participants, ranging from the six-year-old beginner through to the top level college player. We now have one of the largest junior squash program in New England and in fact, nationally. The last couple of seasons have seen many of our juniors ranked within the top 30 in the country, a sprinkling within the top 20 and a couple in the top 10!


Our Junior Academy includes the following programs:

  • Kidz Klinic: Our Kidz Klinix sessions are for younger players with little or no squash experience. We focus on developing these kids as athletes, getting them familiar with squash, and having some fun.
  • FUNdamentals: Our FUNdamentals sessions are for players who have some experience and are looking to start organized match play. We strive to work with these players to develop their basic skills and teach them the essentials of squash.
  • Pre-Tournament Match Play: This session is ideal for players who have not started playing in tournaments. The match play session will build experience and confidence when facing up to other players. While this session is run in a round robin format, time is built in for occasional times for teaching and fun.
  • Future Stars/Elite: These top level sessions are for our top ranked players who have committed to the sport of squash and aspire to become highly ranked National Junior players and ultimately play competitively in college.

It is our hope that every player in the program will have an adequate opportunity to learn the game of squash in a way that is compatible with their age, ability and commitment to improving.

Head Coaches

As appropriate, players are encouraged to integrate cross training into their training regime for core development, strengthening, and injury prevention. Coaches include:


Zarak Khan – Squash Professional

Zarak, who originates from Pakistan, joins Cross Courts with a world full of experience. He is accompanied by his son Shahjahan (Shah) Khan, who is currently on the international circuit (Highest WR #87).

  • Highest World Ranking was #8 (March 1994)
  • Represented Pakistan during the 1989 Men’s World Team Squash Championships winning a gold medal
  • Won the 1993 Men’s World Team Squash Championships as part of team Pakistan
  • Gold medallist at the 1998 Pakistani Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Zarak coaches his son is Shahjahan Khan, is currently on the international circuit (Highest WR #87)