Recommended Spring Instruction for Emerging Junior Players

Recommended Spring Instruction for Emerging Junior Players

By Gary Gargan
Your child wants to step up his or her game but does not know where to begin?

With the end of a busy Winter Squash Season that for many includes school team play and tournaments, spring allows players to step back from an active competitive schedule and focus on good technique while establishing good training habits. As a coach, I have found it equally as exciting to see so much emerging talent in our younger players, many of whom have taken to the game like ducks to water.

In developing one’s skills, one also needs to continue to develop one’s passion. With that in mind, my recommended weekly schedule for committed junior players looking to develop their game and start playing competitively in tournaments involves a fair amount of weekly play. Depending on availability and resources, an optimum schedule for a junior looking to move into competitive play quickly would include:

  • 1x Private lesson to focus on the technical aspects of swing and movement
  • 1x Solo session (or more). These shorter sessions (20 min) can be combined on lesson days and are a crucial part of Squash that casual players would benefit most from
  • 1x Group Training session; narrowing the game down and focusing game situations, improving accuracy and ball control
  • 1x Match session either with friends or at a Matchplay session. Emphasis on putting learned techniques into practice while under pressure.

I understand that not all students are ready to step up to this level of commitment but still want to improve their game. If your child wants to play more competitively but is unable to adhere to that frequency of play and instruction in the spring, I would suggest continuing to get on court at least twice a week with at least one of those sessions being a group session or private lesson.

Find out more about our spring clinic schedule.


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