Men’s 4.5 & 50+ Teams Win State Titles

Men’s 4.5 & 50+ Teams Win State Titles

The theme of this season for both the over 50’s team and the 4.5 team was depth.  In any given week, both teams were favorites to win that given match no matter who played.  With 10 strong players on each team, it gave both teams the ability to finish high in the standings and secure both byes and home field advantage.

In the 4.5 league, Captained by Matt Bernstein who provided both calming support and timely psychotherapy during critical matches, the 4.5 team coasted through much of the season only to be caught for the top spot by a young BSC Alston team in the last week of the regular season.  Although the team understood the potential disaster of missing out on first and having to play the finals in the dark, ear damaging caves they call squash courts in Alston, the team first had to dispatch of Cambridge Athletic in the semis.  After receiving the line-up from the CAC captain, Matt immediately noticed that they had flipped their line-up and were attempting to win the match by putting their 4th player at 1, 3rd player at 2 and pushing their 1st player to 4 and second to 3.  In the spirit of fair play, Matt called the Captain on his tactics, and with no viable argument, they agreed to field a correct and fair line-up.  Although Naveen Pathak lost his match, Doug Steinberg, Adam Briggs and Jason Wellemeyer prevailed in their matches and on to the finals the team went.

In the finals, Doug and Jason were the first to hit the courts.  Doug dispatched of his opponent in 3 while Jason was fighting nerves and a very good opponent on the opposite court.  Jason fell down 2-0 in games, but after coming back from 12-7 down in the 3rd, he put it all together and came back to not only win the game, but take the next 3 games and win the match.  Next up was Rich Schafer and Naveen.  Rich fought hard, but was clearly hobbled by an achilles issue and ended up dropping his match.  In the final match, Naveen needed to win to secure a team victory.  After dropping the first game in almost Steinberg like fashion, it wasn’t looking good for Cross Courts, but somehow, Naveen tapped into his inner Sharplin, and pulled out the next 3 games to secure the title.  Other players who helped with the successful season throughout the year were Carmen Falcone, Paulo Milko and Paul White.


In the over 50’s, the team capped off a great regular season by beating Concord Acton at Concord Acton to secure a first place finish.  In the semis, it was a clean sweep for CC over Maugus where Rich beat Dave Heather, Doug beat Bob Frazier, Adam Briggs beat Mark Dickenson, and John Theberge beat Nana Poku.  In the finals, like the 4.5 team, CC jumped out in front with wins by Doug over Ron Beck and John over Rob Beade.  Having only conceded 1 game in these first two matches, CC needed to secure two more game to get the title, and Briggsy brought it home prior to Rich’s match in a 3-2 loss.  Other players who helped with the successful season throughout the year were Stuart Chandler, Barclay Douglas, Peter Goodall, Brian Hicks, Mike Lee, Paul White, Jim Ogletree, and Yves Schabes.  A monstrous thank you to Peter Buchanan for being a fantastic captain throughout the year.  With the added twist of handicaps, it is no easy task to field so many different line-ups and still win.

Both teams are looking forward to defending in 2017, and depending on when this piece is delivered to CC members, both teams will be meeting at Jack’s Abbey on Thursday, April 14 at 6 for a celebration beer and pig fest.  All are welcome to join.


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