Getting Your Child Started in Squash

Getting Your Child Started in Squash

Interested in getting your child started in squash? You’re not alone. According to US Squash, junior participation has grown over 400% nationally since 2007, adding to the ranks of the over 20 million squash players who participate regularly in squash world-wide. At the college level, there also has been explosive growth, with more than 200 colleges and universities now having courts, including all of the top 25 colleges as ranked by Forbes magazine in 2015.

So how do you begin?

Cross Courts Head Coach Gary Gargan suggests your child starts with a clinic. Our junior’s program, the Cross Courts Junior Squash Academy, includes three levels of clinics. These are:

  • Kids Klinic for 8-12 year olds just learning how to play
  • Future Stars (formerly known as Fundamentals) for students in the age range of 10 – 14 who are at a 1.5 to 2.5 level rating (hint: if you or your child aren’t familiar with ratings, this level is likely a bit advanced)
  • Elite for students thirteen years old and above with a 2.5+ rating

To learn more, email Gary Gargan directly or check out our web site. Should your child join our program, you will find that it is vibrant, with almost 150 active participants, ranging from beginners through to top level college players. In fact, we now have one of the largest junior squash program in New England and nationally. Our juniors have been ranked within the top 30 in the country, within the top 20 and a couple even in the top 10. Charlotte Bell is ranked number one nationally for girls U13.

As added support, Cross Courts sells a selection of racquets, goggles and squash sneakers directly to our members. Gary can provide advice on this equipment as well. “Shoes are just as important, if not more important, than racquets,” he notes. “They should be low to the ground with strong toe reinforcement and good grip.” Likewise, Gary notes that racquets have unique considerations, among them weight distribution. Goggles are a must.

In addition to clinics, Cross Courts offers private lessons with one of many coaches, among them the most recent addition to our staff Zarak Kahn, formerly ranked number eight in the world. His son, Shah Khan, has also joined Cross Courts and is ranked among the top in the world, with a world ranking as high as 86. His father Zarak is joining highly talented coaches Gary Gargan, Mike Tootill and Joey Roberts.

Match play and tournament support is also very active at Cross Courts.

To get started, email Gary Gargan.

We look forward to having you and your child at Cross Courts.



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