A Stellar Cross Courts/Emerson Hospital Tournament

A Stellar Cross Courts/Emerson Hospital Tournament

The Cross Courts US Squash Bronze Tournament, generously sponsored by Emerson Hospital, was a great success, with many Cross Courts Squash Juniors showcasing exceptional performances. Kelsey Abbrecht and Jason Kim were both winners in their age groups. Among the most noteworthy:

  • Justin Z. Zhu – Third, BU 17
  • Kelsey Abbrecht – Winner, GU 17
  • Anika Banerjee – Third, GU 15
  • Keagan Harder – Second, BU 11
  • Jason Kim – Winner, BU 13
  • Tiana Issa – Third, GU 17
  • Will Gladstone – Third, BU 13

In total, some 108 people participated in the two-day event on January 21 and 22, with 168 matches played. A total of 31 Cross Courts players competed and the participants did a fantastic job scorekeeping and acting as referees.

Enormous thanks go to Christine Shuster and Emerson Hospital for sponsoring the event. Their generosity allowed us to provide good food, great swag, and have extra staff on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly.


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