Mix it Up with Martial Arts or Personal Training at the Garage Gym

Mix it Up with Martial Arts or Personal Training at the Garage Gym

A lot is happening at the Garage Gym these days. Whether you’re seeking to try a new form of training or stick to more conventional instruction, a variety of fitness specialists are available to help you maintain and improve your fitness this season.

You can get your boxing game on, Jiu Jitsu in motion, or mixed martial arts started through MetroWest Mixed Martial Arts. Or, if you’re female, you and maybe a few of your nearest and dearest could learn the basics of woman’s self defense, also through MetroWest Mixed Martial Arts. Morning, afternoon, and night slots are available for private and group instruction. Contact Dave at 774-232-2826.

Of course, if you’d rather stick to personal training, you can get into pre-holiday or post-holiday shape with an individual, shared, or group training session with Mike Stella or Chris Cavallerano. Talk to either about their areas of specialty.

For more information about any of these Garage Gym offerings, go to www.crossgaragegym.com. Remember, there’s possibly no better to get a good kick out of that holiday stocking than to sign up for one of the many offerings at our Garage Gym.


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